Flooded with new exposure

This article was first published in the Canadian Underwriter Dec 2019 Magazine where Canadian Underwriter interviewed Laura Twidle, Managing Director at CatIQ. cu | Is it possible that over the long term, Canada’s P&C industry will be paying $2 billion annually to insure catastrophe damage? Yes, it’s certainly possible. There has been an upward trend […]

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Climate Change and Extreme Weather

Author: Kimberly Roberts, Vice President and Senior Meteorologist, JLT Re Increasingly, the climate change debate is part of the dialogue surrounding catastrophic weather events, including floods, fires and severe weather impacting Canada. Emerging research is focusing on how climate change may be impacting extreme weather events, and the insurance industry is grappling with how to respond to […]

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Future Hail and Severe Weather Environment

Author: John Hanesiak, Professor, Department of Environment and Geography, University of Manitoba – Nov 16, 2018 Three model pairings (HadCM3-MM5; HadCM3-HRM3 and CCSM3-MM5) from the North American Regional Climate Change Assessment Program (NARCCAP) (Mearns et al. 2012) were used to assess future (2041-2070) hail and severe weather climate west of the continental divide based on the SRES A2 […]

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Hail climatology for Canada: An update

Article written for the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction’s (ICLR) Cat Tales, January/February 2018: On February 15, ICLR released Hail climatology for Canada: An update. The report was written by David Etkin, Associate Professor of Disaster Management at York University. The paper serves as an update to Etkin’s Canada’s Hail Climatology: 1977-1993, prepared for ICLR […]

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Improving Safety Through Simulating Wildfire Response

Improving Safety Through Simulating Wildfire Response Steven Gwynne, Ph.D., Research Officer, NRC Construction – Fire Safety, National Research Council Canada Wildland fires represent an important safety issue in many regions of the world – including Canada. This is complicated by the current location and possible future expansion of wildland-urban interfaces (WUI) posing severe challenges from a […]

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